Our Products

Lost Horizons pays great attention to every detail in the products we sell. Each garment is designed in house, with a new line of garments each year. Great care and thought is taken with each item from pattern, to wool color, to button placement. This attention to detail results in a very beautiful and well-made garment that is a joy to wear.

Color Creation

Lost Horizons knit wear is made up of high quality sheep wool imported directly from New Zealand and Australia.  The raw wool is machine spun in Nepal and then hand dyed, using high quality Swiss dyes, in our dying facility in Kathmandu. Many companies buy wools pre-dyed and therefor have a limited number of color options for their design work. Lost Horizons dyes all of its own wool in our own facilities and because of this we have the ability to create custom colors for our designers. 

Over the years we have developed more than 100 custom, striking and vibrant colors that are a mainstay of Lost Horizons Knitwear.

Consistency and quality of our products is very important. We have spent the last 30 years training women in Nepal in the art of knitting and dying wool. When Lost Horizons was first beginning Katherine traveled to Nepal for several months out of the year overseeing quality control of the knitwear and dying of the wool. 

To date Katherine still goes to Nepal for one month each year to work on new designs and to improve quality control. The many years of training women in the art of knitting, and quality control, have lead to a workforce of very skilled artisan knitters and a consistency in our goods that is hard to find in handmade garments.

Design Work


We believe our garment’s quality and design clearly demonstrates the amount of time, thought and effort put into the creation process.

Each year Katherine and Designer Julie Powell spend one month in Nepal working with the women’s knitting cooperative on refining a new set of designs for the upcoming year.

Before traveling to Nepal they spend from 2-3 months in the USA developing design tech packs for the sweaters and accessories. These tech packs are sent to Nepal with a 6-8 week lead-time in order to give the knitters time to knit the first round of prototypes.

 Once Katherine and Julie arrive in Nepal they spend one month reworking the prototypes, checking and rechecking the details. Everything from the fit, to the colors, to the placement of an embroidery stitch is gone over very closely. Lost Horizons’ success has been built upon our close attention to detail with each item and our intention of producing garments of the highest quality that are both beautiful and functional.

Product Care

  • Lost Horizons Knit Wear is made from 100% wool.

  • We recommend hand washing garments in cool water and drying flat.

  • The knitwear can also be dry-cleaned.

  • Do not put knit wear in the dryer, as it will shrink.