Our History

Lost Horizons was started over 30 years ago when owner Katherine was taking a year off from work in Alaska to travel through Asia. When she arrived in Kathmandu Nepal she felt like she had come home. 

She loved the Nepalese people and the magnificent Himalayan Mountains. As she was touring the country through trekking and river adventures she would often return back to the Kathmandu valley. While touring the city she noticed a few small shops selling woolen knit goods. 

On her first trip to Nepal she bought 200 sweaters from one of the vendors and had them shipped back to the USA. Later that year she sold the sweaters by traveling to college campuses around the western United States. University students loved the colorful sweaters and hats. The enthusiasm and great sales encouraged Katherine to take another trip back to Nepal to buy more knit goods.

On her second entry into Nepal while waiting in the Customs line at the Kathmandu airport Katherine noticed a woman carrying a suitcase full of knitting books. After getting through Customs Katherine struck up a conversation with the woman and learned she was a textile designer from Wales. She was working with the British Peace Corps teaching small groups of women how to knit and to dye wool.  

Katherine asked if she could join her in this endeavor. After one month of working with the Wales designer Katherine picked one group of women, she worked well with, and started to design knitwear with them for export back to the USA.

Katherine continues to manage the direction and design for Lost Horizons and does the designing from her home in the wilds of northern British Columbia.

Lost Horizons Today

In the beginning there were approximately 25 women, one workshop and Katherine designing and selling sweaters. Now 30 years later Lost Horizons is a wholesale knitwear company based out of Bellingham, Washington, that distributes Nepalese knitwear internationally. In Nepal there are seven workshops and over 800 women knitting. The workshops are located in neighborhoods throughout the Kathmandu valley. These workshops provide a place for the women to collect wool for knitting, return completed projects and also a place for them to knit. Although workshops provide a place for the women to knit most women work from home.

Office manager Dave Caemmerer efficiently runs the company. Dave has over 30 years of experience operating business out of Nepal.

Working with him is Cara Dockins. Cara oversees the receiving and shipping of the knitwear. Her quiet but dedicated style gets the job done in an efficient and pleasant manner. Both Dave and Cara are responsible for customer service and data entry.